SNEAK PEEK: what’s in my purse?

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to always be prepared for anything. If I could carry around my whole bedroom and vanity, I would! Here is a look inside my purse:

  • Sunglasses of course. I live in HOT AZ!
  • Blogging journal–you never know when an idea/inspiration is going to hit!
  • Pens–I love pens! I used to carry 20 pens, but realized it was not necessary so I narrowed it down to 4 of my favorite pens.
  • Wet Ones- you never know when you may need one!
  • SHOUT wipe & go–I am around makeup everyday and accidents happen!
  • Random contact lens–I wear Dailies and the worst pain is when a little something gets in my eyes. It feels as if I am being stabbed by a sword in the eye!! No bueno!
  • TUMS Freshers–Lactose. Enough said.
  • Headphones- I wear them to the gym or when I just want to listen to  music or not people (=
  • Corinne McCormack sunglass cleaning kit from Nordstrom–can’t see with dirty glasses!
  • Steph & Co brush case that I use as my makeup bag from Nordstrom. In the bag,  I carry lipstick, gloss, Bobbi Brown concealer kit for touch ups, hand creme, mini deodorant, fragrance sample, few brushes for touch ups, hair ties, and bobby pins, blotting powder, sharpener, lip liner,  Down below is the link for the makeup bag
Lastly, my phone which I was using to snap this picture. I’d like to know, what’s in your bag??

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