Almost Fall: how will you stay tan?

As summer starts to fade away so will our beautiful, glowy, golden tans. I say this all the time, I am pretty tan, but lose color on my legs quickly especially during winter.The reason I love having a more bronze tone is because I feel that I look healthier and  imperfections aren’t as visible. I refuse to go to tanning beds as it is not healthy and I do not want to look like a raisin. Read more about the harm tanning beds can cause on DR. OZ
 Dr. OZ

I’ll admit, I LOVE to lay out and cook my body, but it’s also not safe! I learned my lesson two months ago when I burned my skin from laying out for too long. I thought it was a good way to get my Vitamin D and my dark on. WRONG. Ten minutes a day is what the doctors say! Do put on SPF if you are going to be outdoors. Anyhow, to get and maintain color, I use XEN-TAN or Face and Body by MAC.
The XEN-TAN products are amazing!  The one in particular that I use is the one pictured down below. It works fast so don’t over do it. I also love that it doesn’t smell strong like most self tanners. The color I have from it is very natural. I exfoliate then apply with my hands. The color on me lasted about a week and a half.


The Face and Body is a product you can use on your body from head to toe. It can be used as your everyday foundation. Face and Body evens out complexion sheer-medium adjustable coverage, and looks very natural. It’s also water resistant.  Finger application with this product works best. I have used this product all over my body to even out my color and to darken. To use as your foundation, definitely get the right match for your face. To use as a ‘tanner’, go up a few shades. On days where I don’t have time to do the whole process of applying self tanner, I slap this on and it does the job. My legs/body look even. It should be washed off at the end of the day as it is makeup.


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