Product Review: nyc eyeliner

Here’s a quick product review! I have to have to share this beauty steal! I was introduced to it by friends. I was stuck on gel liner (still love it.) After several attempts at using certain liquid liners that were ‘high end’ brands that were  not that amazing nor long lasting, I had given up on liquid eyeliners. I had noticed two of my makeup artist friends whose eyeliner was always flawless. Whether it was regular style, winged, or advanced/dramatic looks, their eyeliner was always FLAWLESS. They told me they used NYC liquid eyeliner from Walmart for $2.74!! Of course I had to get  my hands on it. Impressed so say the least! The precise applicator makes it easy to apply as thin or build as thick as you want.The color is super dark(I stick with black) and stays on ALL day! My wing liner has  never been so even with out clean up. I purchased it 4 months ago and it still has some juice to it, but for sanitary purposes, I bought a new one. You guys have to try it. You will not be disappointed! They also offer the felt tip eyeliners that I have yet to try!


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