READ MY LIPS: the perfect red pout

Creating the perfect red lip. Here are 3 products you can not go wrong with!

LUSH Lip Scrub

M.A.C Lip Prep+Prime
M.A.C Cherry Lip liner


  1. Exfoliate those lips. Rub lip scrub all over lip then rinse or lick off. You don’t want any texture when rocking a red lip
  2. Prep lips with a lip primer. Apply this product generously like you would chapstick. The difference between this product and chapstick is that lip primers are going to condition while filling in any texture, and help prolong the red lip.
  3. Taking your preferred red lip liner, place a dot on main points of the lip.
  4. Connect the dots. It is okay if it looks messy. 
  5. Fill the entire lip using your red lip liner.
  6. If need be, use your favorite powder and small angled brush  to clean up edges. Take your brush and press against powder, tap off any excess powder from your brush then outline your lips. This helps create a crisp line, clean highlight, and prevents feathering
Easy, right? Tag #junepearlbeauty to show your perfect red lip!


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