HERE COMES THE BRIDE: looking fierce!


“Marriage:When you vow to love someone even during football season”-Pinterest. What else in season? Weddings. This week I will feature different bridal looks on my Instagram, tips, and products for you beautiful brides to be.

Makeup on this beauty by me.

  • Painterly Paint Pot by MAC is the perfect base for any skin tone and will prolong the wear of your eye shadow
  • Chanel Inimitable waterproof mascara—it;s a must!
  • Bobbi Brown gel liners–black or brown are classic to use–smudge proof!
  • NYX jumbo white liner-can be used on lips or in waterline
  • Fix Fluid or Face and Body by MAC-skin look fantastic, flawless in photos
  • Bobbi Brown Pale Yellow, loose or pressed- it wont cast a white glow that some white setting powders can create
  • Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush or MAC’s Mineralize blush in Warm Soul
  • Bobbi Brown Bikini Pink lipstick is gorgeous
  • NYX butter gloss to set any lipstick–it is not sticky and gives the perfect sheen
  • OPI Bubblebath nail polish-amazing wedding color!
  • False lashes-a must! Try picking eyelashes that aren’t plastic looking, go for natural hair. Even if you go with some that are super natural like individuals. They make a huge difference in how your eyes photograph. They create a flirty look.
  • Fix + spray or Mario Badescu facial spray to complete your looks or to prep skin
  • Nars Radiant Creamy concealer, Bobbi Brown concealer, or MAC Pro Longwear concealers have worked really well and look great in pictures
  • Eyes hadow from any of your favorite brands…as long as you have a great base such as Painterly, any eye shadow should wear well!


  • Don’t swear the small stuff!! It’s your day to enjoy all the planning you have put into it. If things do not go as you imagined it exactly, it is okay. Go with the flow and believe that everything will work out just spectacular! All that matters are the I Do’s while looking super fabulous!
  • Stick to a makeup look that represents YOU, of course a little glammed up.
  • If you are getting makeup done by a professional, be sure to schedule a trial. I highly recommend scheduling a trial on a day where you have something special planned. Perhaps, on the same day as your hair trial, engagement pics, etc. Have handy your top beauty looks. Check out Pinterest for inspiration. Also, have pics of how you normally wear your makeup.
  • After your trial, take lots of #Celfies to ensure you love the way you look!
  • I love matte eye shadow for the crease and shimmer on the lid. Shimmer everywhere–not cute! It will not look great in photos either. Matte shadows push back and shimmers bring forward.
  • Gel manicure the day or two before or stick to a color you own so you can use it for touch ups if need be
  • Hair first then makeup on the day of.
  • Facials at least a week or two before just in case you get any reactions this will give you ample time for healing.
  • Tanning–If you’re going to be celebrating any festivities in the sun before the big day, get a light spray tan to even out any tan lines if they are visible. Bronze up the face with matte powders or darker cream/liquid products and don’t forget the ears!
  • Have a timeline of who is getting makeup and hair done ready for the big day of I do’s. It will help keep a good flow.
  • Definitely have a touch up/emergency kit. Maybe have the maid of honor carry it for you. Essentials I’ve come to see actually being used:
    • Bobbi pins
    • mini frag sample for refreshing
    • lash glue
    • liptsick, lip liner, gloss, brightening pen for under eyes, blotting powder if need be
    • mini scissors
    • mints
    • tissue
    • nail file
    • clear nail polish
    • band-aid
    • Tylenol/Advil
    • granola bar
    • Colgate wisps
    • deodorant
    • mini hair spray
    • mending kit
    • eye drops
    • stain remover pen
    • super glue

Two snaps for the bride and many congrats! May your makeup and lashes stay on all day! Questions or comments down below,



emojis from #harpersbazaar

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