SMOKEY EYE: love hate relationship

SMOKEY EYE. This week I will feature a week of smokey eye looks and quick tips.

How many of you have a love/hate relationship with the smokey eye? You love the smokey, sultry look, but hate when it comes to applying on yourself. Me. I can do this style of makeup on people ALL day, but I do not love applying this on myself. I do it to break makeup habits and simply to try something new. My favorite version of creating a smokey eye on myself is light on lid and dark on the outer corners. Many people seeking this look  have such different ideas of what it actually is. It can be the darkest black eye shadow on the eye lid or dark pencil or gel liner on lid smudged.


-First things first…I’m   just kidding. Eyes first! By doing this, you avoid extra clean up at the end and a fresh foundation face.
– I start by shaping my brows for this look especially. It frames the face also.
-Prime the eyes with your favorite matte eye shadow primer. Mine is and will always be Painterly by MAC.
-Choose a skin ton blender color or color that will make other colors stand out and look cleaner. Wedge, Bamboo, Soft Brown are some great ones by MAC. Blender colors typically go a little above the crease and through.
-Tap off excess products when applying. prevents fall out on face
-Brushes, brushes, brushes. Important tools are definitely a blender brush and a flat synthetic brush
-Practice the smokey eye before bed(you are going to wash off your face anyway).
-To complete this look, mascara, dark liner, and concealer to brighten under eyes. Who loves a dark circles?
-I do prefer to wear false lashes when wearing this look. It helps carry the look and lashes don’t get lost.
Watch this quick, easy smokey eye tutorial by one of my favorite beauty bloggers Teni  Panosian AKA  Miss Maven  This is definitely my favorite version of a smokey eye.

Drop me questions or comments down below!



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