MASCARA REVIEWS: to buy or not to buy

 I have not LOVED any of my MAC mascaras lately so decided to branch out and really give other brands a try. I always had to use two mascaras to get the results I wanted to achieve. I read tons of reviews on these two mascaras in particular. Too Faced “Better than Sex” and Benefit “They’re Real”.  NYC’s eyeliners are amazing so I just picked up their mascara hoping it would be just as amazing. So here is what I did, I purchased the travel sizes(the Too Faced mascara came in a trial mini kit). It is always a great idea if you want to try out a few different products, but don’t want to spend an a dress and a purse while doing so. By the way, my lashes are long, just not very full. I am looking to achieve tons of volume and absolutely no smudging. Here are my thoughts:
Product:  Too Faced “Better Than Sex”
Days tested:  5
Pros:  I instantly loved this mascara. The wand helped shape and build my lashes tremendously. I loved how full my bottom lashes also looked. There was absolute no smudging under my eye. You can build and build and no clumping with this one. It actually gave my lashes the look of a false lash
Cons:   I did use more Coconut Oil to remove, but wasn’t a big deal
Would buy again:  Yes, I will definitely invest in the full size!

Product:  Benefit “They’re Real”
Days tested: 3
Pros:  Smudge proof; stays in place ALL day. Super dark black.
Cons:  While the wearing power was great, it was really difficult to remove. One would have thought it was waterproof. With my lashes, this formula clumped up and I had take extra time to separate them. Not fun.
Would buy again:  No, this mascara is not for me. It does wear really well. Perhaps it would be great to pair up with a mascara that offers more volume or for someone who has short, full lashes and could use length and separation.

Product:  NYC “Sky Rise”
Days tested:5
Pros: great for a quick, super natural look (maybe for the gym) It did not smudge. It is only $1.99

Cons: It is a very basic mascara, not very dark. The color is almost grey. You can apply this mascara over and over and it does not clump. I definitely achieved the volume, just not dramatic as I normally like my mascara to be.

Would buy again:  Yes, I think I found my favorite thus far that offers everything I want in a mascara, but this one was not bad. It would be great to par up with some individual lashes. 


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