Coconut Oil! Cold-Pressed and UNREFINED

It has been amazing and has done wonders for my oral health, skin, and hair. This time of year tends to dry out our skin and hair. Here are some ways I use it:

-Oil pulling- take 1 tablespoon swish it around for 10-20 minutes, spit it into a trash can(not in the sink). It pulls all the yucky stuff out of your mouth. You get more energy, brighter, cleaner, healthy mouth. Also, clearer skin.

-In my hair as an over night treatment. Massage it into your hair, put it up in a bun, place a night cap or a plastic bag over your head, wash your hair in the morning. Whenever I do any type of over night treatments in my hair, I place either an old  T-shirt or pillow case over my current ones. I sometimes  run a bit through my hair for added shine.

-As body lotion right after I shower, especially after shaving. So smooth! My legs also feel less irritated when I stick with Coconut Oil as opposed to my body lotion.

-As a face moisturizer. Only in the dry areas as I have combo skin and don’t need extra moisture everywhere on my face.

-As an eye makeup remover. This is especially great if you have smudgeproof or waterproof mascara on and your regular eye makeup remover just isn’t cutting it.


2 thoughts on “MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT: it does it all

  1. Great article Erica! I'll have to talk to you more about oil pulling. I've heard about it, but am a little afraid to try it. I love coconut oil too, but haven't used it in my hair, or as lotion or eye make-up remover. I'm going to try that!


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