MAKEUP FEARS: get over them!

Liquid eyeliner has always been a must in my makeup routine. I used to feel so naked without it. I didn’t feel pretty if my big brown eyes were without liner. Silly, I know. I challenged myself by accident, I’ll be honest. One day, I lost my favorite eyeliner by NYC and I was running behind so I didn’t bother reaching for something different. I left the house without eyeliner. I felt a little self conscious as if I wasn’t pulled together or  something. It was a crazy busy day so I didn’t have time to really think or stare at myself. When my day was over, I thought to myself “okay, that wasn’t so bad.” The next day I didn’t wear eyeliner again. I felt like my eyelashes stood out even more without liquid liner and I even felt ‘pretty.’ I know truly understand that I don’t need liner or any makeup for that matter to complete me. Confident little ol’ me. 

I hear on a daily makeup fears that some may think are silly. Makeup fears that can be cured with just one thing. Confidence. Whether it be women not leaving the house without foundation or not feeling comfortable in a hot pink or red lipstick, it’s all in how you wear or don’t wear them. There is nothing sexier than a confident woman.
 You want to rock a cat eye with some falsies? Do it. You want to give your skin a break from all makeup and run errands? Do it. Who cares what anyone thinks. All that matters is how you feel and how you carry yourself. True beauty truly comes from within. Makeup is supposed to be fun not scary. Challenge yourself by trying something different. Try that crazy fuchsia lip you’ve been eyeing. You can always wipe it off with a makeup wipe. Whatever your makeup fear is, let it go. You are beautiful and should always radiate confidence. You got this!


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