Jo Malone

I’m in love…

I have been searching and testing and searching and testing body scrubs. Cheap to expensive. I think I may have found the one. I discovered this body scrub when I walked into the Biltmore Fashion Park Jo Malone London boutique. I was given a complimentary hand and arm massage by the lovely Vanessa. She used the Geranium and Walnut Body Scrub on my arm. It was very gentle, scent was very mild, and my skin felt so smooth I wanted to test it all over my body ASAP. They told me no so I purchased it. Kidding. This body scrub promises to refine and polish your skin with minute natural fragments of walnut shells leaving it soft, smooth, and healthy. Shaving is already a form of exfoliating so I recommend using the scrub before shaving or every other day. I use coconut oil as my moisturizer right after. Those two paired up= smoothest skin ever. A body scrub is definitely a shower essential! What are some of your favorites?image




Benefits of a body scrub:
-exfoliate dead skin
– Slough off dead skin cells
-rub away hard and flaky skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.


Other services they offer:




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