Tuesday Tip

Sunscreen before your Gel Mani’s

We all know tanning beds are a no-no. They can cause premature aging, skin cancer…we have heard it all. What about our hands while under the little lamps to set the gel polish? I never gave it much thought untill my last visit. I was getting the oh so trendy chrome nails which required me to place my hands under the light several times because of the technique he was using. My hands started feeling tingly. It dawned on me that I was placing my hand under a UV-nail lamp. Like a mini tanning bed for your handsies only you aren’t there to get your tan on. Sure it’s only for a few minutes, but if you frequent the nail salon like I do, it’s a few minutes too many. Tip: apply UVA-protecting sunscreen on your hands before your mani’s. You can also purchase SPF gloves! Google it. They’re real.


I found this article from SELF magazine with sme good points.

Chris G. Adigun, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist who specializes in nail disorders, general dermatology, and cosmetic dermatology, tells SELF, “UVA irradiance or strength emitted by nail lamps whether fluorescent or LED is at least four times stronger than UVA from normal sunlight,” Adigun says. The problem, though, is that there are still no studies that show that UV nail lamps directly cause skin cancer. “Do we have data that this causes cancer? No. But do we know that UVA exposure causes cancer? Yes.”


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