SiliSponge Review


Ah the SiliSponge looking like a breast implant. This silicone makeup sponge by Molly Cosmetics  has sold out time and time again. I had to wait months to get my hands on it. I am a sucker. I had to try it.  It is supposed to cut the amount of foundation in half while getting a flawless application/finish.

First impression: “hmm, really? It is a mini breast implant!”

I applied a pump of foundation onto the sponge, rubbed it around then tapped it to blend it out. Pleasantly surprised you guys. It gave such a flawless/full coverage. And I say full because I used too much foundation. I didn’t need as much as I planned. I wound up using my Beauty Blender to soak some foundation up as the SiliSponge soaks up…nothing. That is the beauty. The concealer for under eyes specifically was a bit harder to blend out since you can’t really ‘bend’ the silicone as well as the beauty blender. I wound up picking up the beauty blender of course to finish the job.

Let’s compare quickly to the Beauty Blender . With the SiliSponge , makeup adheres to your face instead of the sponge-saving you having to replace it, hygienic because of how easy and fast it is to clean, it is $9.90, AND is supposed to last 3 years…it hasn’t been out that long so we shall see.

The B eauty Blender does pick up more product, you have to wash it frequently as well, and it can get pricey with how many times you have to replace it, but you can apply a full face-concealer, foundation , highlight, and contour and blend it all out with the beauty blender.

Hmm.  What to do?

As a makeup artist, I will be ordering more because of the sanitary reasons, easy clean up, and the flawless foundation finish. Between clients, this is going to be a huge help.

As a makeup/product junkie, I would say it is not a must have. It gives a flawless foundation finish, saves product, and is easy clean up, but no different than your fingers.

Check out the videos or get your fix on   Molly Cosmetics


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