What you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

Let’s start with the basics

What are they?

They are a synthetic, mink, or silk lash applied by hand one lash at a time by a lash technician gluing it onto your actual lash by a licensed and certified lash stylist. One by one. Anywhere from 70-100 lashes are applied per eye taking the initial full set appointment about 2-2 ½ hours  for a classic set which is what I offer.
The curl, length, and look is decided based on your eyelashes and desired look. Keep in mind that your natural lashes may be too weak to carry a long lash.

How to prep for your appointment.

• Dress for comfort
• Be prepared to complete the client intake and consent form
• No caffeine before appointment as the caffeine can make it very difficult to be still or can make eyes flicker during appointment making it difficult to apply
• Arrive with no eye makeup
• Use restroom before application begins
• Remove contact lenses as they can cause discomfort during the application
• Prepare to take a nice lash nap

During your Appointment

• A lash pad or tape is placed to prevent from getting glue to your lower lash line on each eye
• Conversation is minimized, not be taken personally , but because some of us use a lot of expressions when speaking moving the lash pad or tape which can cause them to move up into the eye creating discomfort.


• Keep your new lashes out of humid environments 24 hours after appointment-saunas, steam, Arizona (kidding)
• Keep fingers off the lashes, they contain natural oil’s and germs
• Don’t pull , Tug or twist lashes or sleep on your lashes
• Wash your lashes daily. I couldn’t have explained it better so I place this link—https://youtu.be/zy4i6jEezgE
• Do not use oil based eye products , creams or waterproof mascara
• Schedule a touch up every 2 to 6 weeks-depending on how fast your hair grows
• Gently brush your lashes daily
• Do not sleep on them

Keep in mind if your lash extensions fall out

• You may have an allergic reaction
• Your Lash cycle
• Change in medication
• Picked or pulled at them
• Using mascara
• Using products that are not oil free
• Being out in hot AZ weather
• Hot yoga


• They are gorgeous! You’ll feel fancy AF.  They aren’t just for the Kardashian’s.
• You wake up selfie ready
• No need to curl lashes
• No need for mascara
• Saves you time in the morning as well as money on buying lash curlers and mascara-still trying to find the perfect one?
• You can customize your look!



• Can they damage your natural lash?
o They can if they aren’t properly maintained. Another reason is if the lash tech doesn’t  know what the hell she is doing! If a lash extension weighs too much for your natural lash it can cause they to break off. This when you need to be absolutely sure your lash stylist is certified and has gone through proper training. A lash stylist should customize a look that is safe based on what your lash can carry.
• What is the lash cycle?

The average person sheds approximately 2 to 5 lashes every day.
• How long do they last?
o They last through a full growth of your natural lashes. With proper care, they can last 4-6 weeks.
• How often should I schedule my lash fill?
o When you start to notice they aren’t as full-could be in 2 weeks or 3-6.

Most importantly

If you do experience of abnormal symptoms  or if you simply decide they aren’t for you , return to your lash tech and get them removed.


If I missed anything, feel free to message me with any questions!


Erica of June Pearl Beauty


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